Artist Review #001 "Lady Essence"
Album art cover of Essence's "Right Now" released in Aug. 04, 2011
Today, I am reviewing an artist of my choice, Lady Essence. I have been following this girl for awhile now since I listened to her DeStorm "Watch Me" 2012 contest submission. (Slideshow 1) After listening to it for about 30 mintues (On repeat) I instantly liked her Facebook page, and subscribed! This girl blew my mind coming from Maine! As the year past, she released several more tracks that I instantly loved like "Trigger Finger" with Alyssa Marie (Slideshow 2), "Everybody's Got A Method" (Slideshow 3) and "Higher" (Slideshow 4) all amazing deep lyrical tracks that you should take a listen to. Is buying her album worth the $5? Yes, it is worth 500 pennies from your little sister's penny jar that you will replace later because you got to buy this and support this girl!

MisterSchuh's Artist Review Rating: 4/5 stars

Get the album here ===>

Her links:

(Slideshow 1)
(Slideshow 2)
(Slideshow 3)
(Slideshow 4)
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