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Album Review - Fubar & DJ Rhum'1s "Shark Infested Waters" 
Having the chance to get to review the album before everyone else was an honor. Below, I will review every track and give you all my thoughts on it and at the end I will rate the entire album and tell you where to get it.

Track by Track Review by MisterSchuh

1. Intro (Produced by High Chief)
WHAT AN INTRO!!! This intro contained INSANE scratches and well used vocal samples. A twist at the end of this intro, the infamous shark music started playing. What a way to start off this album. Made me wanted to hear more already.

2. Darkest Corridor
The only track on the album where it's only Fubar. In this well performed lyrical masterpiece, many dope bars were brought to my attention that made me nod my head more and more. The hook was set perfectly for a dark corridor scene. This is the type of track you want to play while mean looking your enemies.

3. Bloody Razors (Feat. Hutch Devill)
The first verse was a lyrical bomb! Hutch Devill displayed lyrical metaphors and his bars were off the chain. This is indeed a very dope collab! Fubar went in, slicing this beat up with extreme measures! One of my favorite tracks on the album, had me putting this sucker on repeat. The scratches at the end made it beyond dope!

4. Ghost Whispers (Feat. Parradox & Supreme The Truth)

This is a track that had me like, wow. I LOVE THE "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" SAYING! Heard it in some movies, and it being included in this track made me like it even more already before giving my opinion on the verses. Everyone went in hard, my favorite was Parradox and Fubar of course. A great collab line up so far, can't wait to hear the rest!

5. Sleeping Giants (Feat. Klive Kraven & Si-Klon)
I remember first listening to Klive Kraven when I was checking out freestyle videos a year ago and discovered his 2010 freestyle. Then I started listening to more of his music along the way. Him being on this track was dope! This was another collab that had me playing it more than once. If you play through this album from 1 - 4 and NONE of those didn't get your ears feeling good, this one definitely will!

6. Thick Skin (Feat. Baby Jayne)
I heard of this female emcee when Fubar mentioned me to her on a possible future collab track of mine, this is my first time hearing her and she is beyond dope for a female emcee. This is an emotional track, I can feel the pain within these two emcees. A story they were trying to give and you best believe they gave it. This is the number 1 (in my opinion) best track on this album.

7. Interlude
An amazing interlude. The female in this made it sound even better. The banging drums can clearly be the second best part about this. An interlude that makes you want to know is there a picture/story behind this, if so, what is it?

8. Sleepless Nights (Feat. GNZ)
I honestly could not understand the first verse. No disrespect to GNZ, but I'm sure it sounded dope. Fubar went hard in this. Made me wonder did he even sleep on the creation of this album?

9. Recess Of The Minds (Feat. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit)

The movie quote I remember watching as a little kid that will haunt me forever, American Physco. This was a good intro to start this track out, this collab was dope, one my favorites. Prawphit went in hard. Fubar killed it and Alpha Sigma was a great addition to this track. As we are approaching the end, I am satisfied with what I've heard so far. At the end of this track is another movie scene, making the overall track even better. I love tracks like this, makes it even more dope!

10. Violins Of The Dead (Feat. Hutch Devill & Lord Lhus)
LORD LHUS! This dude is one dope emcee, and for Fubar to have him on this track, you know it's going to be dope! Lord Lhus, the "Carolina Stalker" went hard in this track, Hutch Devill came back for a second collab on the album "DOPE" This is possibly the biggest hit on this album. I had this joint playing in repeat til I fell asleep the night I got to review this!

11. Orchestra Of The Dead (Feat. The Jotaka & Anonamix)
These collabs keep getting better track by track. This was one hell of a collab. The beginning sounded like the good old days of the TimeSplitters "Notre Dame" level (for those who've played the TimeSplitters Series) So far, we are about to end this review with only 3 tracks left and I am already wanting to give my review. This is a album you have to get, that you have to upload to your music device, and you have to blast this in your car so the world can here this real Hip Hop that they haven't yet heard!

12. Shark Infested Waters(Feat.Verb, Iguan, & Maximus Da Mantis)

The biggest collab on the album, this one blew my mind. The intro was classical. The verses were too dope. I can know understand why the album was named this. So lyrical and full of punchlines, this is not for you faggots who watch Twilight BTW! This is a hard body track that makes you want to slap yo momma for listening to Lil Wayne. Fubar is definitely in my top 10 of favorite Underground Emcees.

13. Bats In The Belfry (Feat. Katha)
The bells symbol another dope track already! Couldn't understand Katha, but shout out to ya Katha for being apart of this collab. The bat sounds after his verse took me to a dark cave and suddenly I could see Fubar ripping this track with emotion! So far, every track has been dope and I have put 3/4s on repeat!

14. Outro (Produced by High Chief & DJ Rhum'1
As I reach the end and conclusion to this amazing album, the outro produced by High Chief and DJ Rhum'1 had me wanting to hear more! This has been one dope album. Along the way, I've heard new artists, and have had the chance to hear it before everyone else.

*All tracks produced by DJ Rhum'1
Except 1 & 14 produced by High Chief

My rating is:
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